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Spring 2020 Box


Amazing Love, Amazing Intimacy, Amazing Life delivered to your door!

The Amazing Intimacy Box is a lifestyle and experience box focused on building love and  intimacy in fun and inspiring ways curated by Leslie Gustafson. As a Relationship and Intimacy Coach who is AASECT certified, Leslie has created each box to contain products and experiences to enhance and improve your relationship. 

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Hot Fun in the Summertime

Take a deep breath, open your mind, open your heart and allow yourself to be your full loving self as you surf into some rich connecting and intoxicating fun… The HEAT is on!

Get this box while supplies last for only $34.95. 

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Here Comes the Sun

Borrowing from the gifts of Spring, this box focuses on getting out in beauty, playing together, using your imaginations and moving your bodies – all essential ingredients to creating positive connection and great sex!

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The Way You Look Tonight

That’s right CELEBRATE! This box is all about reaffirming and celebrating your love and doing so with abandon, joy and creativity. Bring your open hearts, positive anticipation and willingness to celebrate your love!

We only have 4 left for $34.95.

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These products pair with Leslie's professionally designed experiences to improve communication and build loving relationships.

What People are Saying

This box is so much more than just a date box. The experiences that Leslie has designed from her 28 years in marriage and family therapy are designed to go along with the products in the box and help cultivate and maintain strong intimate relationships in a fun and exciting way. This alone makes this box priceless. It's literally like marriage therapy in a box. Definitely one of my favorite and most useful boxes of all time.

Erin, Subscription Box Society

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I love the concept of this box as a means to strengthen your most intimate relationship. By tying experiences to the products, Leslie has created a unique concept in this box which is most definitely cheaper than a date night on the town and much more beneficial to building connections that last for a lifetime.

Debra Totton, LCSW focusing on strengthening families

I was delighted to receive this thoughtfully designed and well crafted box of goodies! From the box itself to every curated item within it, I felt the care and passion that went into hand picking each item. I would highly recommend this product for any and all couples (and even a special treat to pamper a solo purchaser!!)

Chelsea, Amazing Intimacy Box subscriber

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