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About the Box

Is it all sexual intimacy items, or items that promote emotional intimacy also?

What might we expect in this box?

How does the subscription work?

Can I buy just one box?

What if I sign up between boxes or when a box a sold out?

When do the boxes ship?


How much does shipping cost?

Do you ship internationally?

Why haven't I received my box?

Will I get a tracking number once my box ships?


When will I be bllled?

How do change the credit card associated with my subscription?


Do you accept returns or exchanges?

My Account

I didn't create an account when I ordered. How can I make changes to my address and orders?

How do I change my shipping (or billing) address?

I have been trying to log into my account but I couldn’t get my password correct and then when I chose “forgot password” it couldn’t find my account at all.

How do I cancel my subscription?