How to Prioritize Your Relationship During the Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving Week! 🦃

We hope it is truly an uplifting time for you and your relationship. To those who are subscribed to the box, we hope you have set aside some time to play with the experiences from the first box. These experiences are what makes this box so unique and will help you build your most amazing relationship.
It can be hard to prioritize our relationship and Amazing Intimacy during this busy time with holiday commitments and family time so...
Here are some tips to help!

  1. Set time to talk about each other’s expectations - so that you are both on the same page.
  2. Check-in with each other after an event – connect with your partner and be generous listeners.
  3. Support each other – you’re a team.
  4. Express your gratitude - tell your partner something that you grateful for about them.
  5. Prioritize touch and sex – it’s actually a great stress reliever.

We wanted to share our gratitude to everyone who subscribed to the box so far! We were blown away by the positive comments we have received and are so thankful to you all for selling out our very first box!
Also, we are super excited to deliver our next Amazing Intimacy Box to you just after the New Year!
The next box is titled "Baby, it's cold outside", and in that box you can expect cozy fun, warmth, a bit of spice, and love.

Have a great holiday, we’re grateful for you!

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