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Affiliate FAQs

What is the affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is a fun way for bloggers, YouTubers, influencers and anyone with a large following to earn amazing perks while promoting the Amazing Intimacy Box. Each season, we’ll update you with banner ads, photos, exclusive spoilers, and all of the other resources you’ll need to help you earn the most perks possible.

Will I be receiving a box when I sign up as an affiliate?

We offer all of our affiliates 10% off their first Amazing Intimacy Box. You can use the code “AFFILIATE10” at You can also earn a free box (for the following season) when you generate three or more sales fin the current season with your tracking link.

What is the difference between the tracking link and $10 off coupon code?

Your unique tracking link is how we’re able to keep track of sales so we can pay out your commission accordingly. If you are promoting the box on your Instagram, we recommend putting your unique tracking link in your bio. This way, your followers are able to click through and you can earn your commission.

To access your tracking link:

Log into your SheIsMedia > Click Offers on the left side > Select live offers > Amazing Intimacy Box. If you don't see Amazing Intimacy Box in your portal, you will need to apply to the campaign and our affiliate manager will review your account and approve qualified affiliates.

When should I expect to receive my commission payout?

You will receive a commission payout from She Is Media whenever you earn a minimum of $50. If you earn under $50 we will roll your payout over until you’ve met the minimum.  After the end of each month we will begin processing payments, payments typically take 15-30 days, your first payment may take longer to process as your are added to the She Is Media system. 

Please note these dates are subject to change.

Where should I display my tracking link?

  • Blog: Review the contents of the box or post in your bio. Include the Amazing Intimacy Box in your holiday gift guide or other product round­ups.
  • Pinterest: Share pins of the box (don’t forget to use your tracking link)
  • Instagram: Post photos with your $10 off code in the caption. Don’t forget to mention in your caption that you’re directing your followers to the clickable link in your bio!
  • Facebook: Enter your link into the share menu at the top of your Timeline or homepage. You can include a message next to your link if you like (We suggest posting the $10 off code!). Be sure to set privacy before you post, then click Post.
  • Twitter: Paste your link into the Tweet box. After you’ve composed your Tweet, be sure to hit the “Tweet” button. You can also include your link in your bio!
  • YouTube: Share the contents of the box in an unboxing haul.
  • Share with your friends and family

Share on any Facebook Groups, communities or message boards that you’re a part of.


We partner exclusively with She Is Media for our affiliate program.

 We can't wait to work with you!
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