Had to Get Away - Amazing Intimacy Box

Had to Get Away - Amazing Intimacy Box

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Our "Had to Get Away” box is available now!  Don't miss out!

VACATION! That wonderful time when we can get away and have our best time as a couple. Couples tell me all the time, that the best time and sex they have is when they are AWAY with each other. Everyone tends to be less burdened, freer, and ready to have fun when they are in a novel place. Now, more than ever, it is the longing of a lot of couples. “We CAN’T WAIT for when we can adventure away again!”

A quarterly lifestyle and experience box focused on building love and intimacy in fun and inspiring ways curated by Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Intimacy Coach, Leslie Gustafson who is AASECT certified.

Each of our boxes delivers wellness, home, and experiential products plus a compilation of intimate experiences professionally formulated by Leslie to enhance your relationship and delivered directly to your door in a discreetly designed box.